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How the Guitar Conquered America

Image of hands with guitarWhen the first guitar reached these shores 425 years ago, it was a small, unimpressive folk instrument. Now, more guitars are sold in America than all other musical instruments combined. How did this unlikely conquest take place?

Tim Brookes attempts to answer that question with demonstrations, displays, and slides. He touches on the rise of technologies and speaks to the guitar’s importance in defining national, ethnic, and regional identity. He also connects the guitar to such utterly unexpected incidents as the importance of the Confederate Steam Ship Shenandoah, Bonnie and Clyde’s life of crime, and the sad demise of Strenuous Lifer, the pig in the Coney Island Zoo.

Special Arrangements: projector and screen.

Additional Costs: $75 for mileage.

Available in correctional facilities.

About the presenter

Image of Tim Brookes Tim Brookes - A graduate of Pembroke College, Oxford, Tim is the director of the Professional Writing Program at Champlain College and founder of the Endangered Alphabets Project. See full biography.

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