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How to Apply

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Humanities Camps

The application deadline for the 2021 Humanities Camp grants is Wednesday, March 2. We will make our decisions and inform recipients about the Camp grants by March 18.

We have modified the application form to make it much easier to complete than in previous years.

Be prepared to answer the following

  • Describe your proposed camp or project
  • What excites you about offering this opportunity to young people in your area?
  • What makes it a humanities project?
  • How will it provide a non-traditional model of learning?
  • List one or two books you’d like to use as supplemental material for the program


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I don’t think I ever smiled that much in my whole life!

Humanities Camper


Contact Jonny Flood at

Humanities Camp Videos

Student making an Abenaki burn bowl using a blow stick

Jonny Flood on East Corinth Humanities Camp

From our 2021 year-end highlights video, Literacy Programs Manager Jonny Flood describes attending the “Indigenous Peoples and the Environment” Humanities Camp hosted by the Blake Memorial Library in East Corinth, Vermont.

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2018 Humanities Camps

We visited humanities camps in Plainfield and Richmond to speak with directors and students about what they learned during their summer camps.

Vermont Humanities*** January 22, 2016