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Hosting a Camp

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Humanities Camps

Humanities Camps are offered to any Vermont public school with students who have just completed grades 5, 6, 7, or 8. Schools recruit a minimum of twelve and a maximum of twenty students.

The camps are most beneficial for students who haven’t thrived in a traditional school environment.

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Camp opened my eyes to books I wouldn’t have picked up on my own. And I liked them!

Humanities Camper

Humanities Camp specifics

  • Vermont Humanities provides a grant of $2,400 for two middle school humanities staff who design the camp curriculum and lead the week-long day camp, plus $240 for supplies, and optional funds toward field trips.
  • The camp is a day camp, run as a school program, held at your school, led by school staff.
  • The camps are free to students.
  • We provide free books for each student and teacher to keep.


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Humanities Camp Videos

Student making an Abenaki burn bowl using a blow stick

Jonny Flood on East Corinth Humanities Camp

From our 2021 year-end highlights video, Literacy Programs Manager Jonny Flood describes attending the “Indigenous Peoples and the Environment” Humanities Camp hosted by the Blake Memorial Library in East Corinth, Vermont.

Two boys at a humanities camp giving peace signs

2018 Humanities Camps

We visited humanities camps in Plainfield and Richmond to speak with directors and students about what they learned during their summer camps.

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