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Foundations of Educational Philosophy and Literacy Development

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Early Literacy

Foundations of Educational Philosophy and Literacy Development is a new training for early educators offered by Vermont Humanities. In 2022 we are introducing Step #1 in what will be a multilevel curriculum. This foundational literacy training will now be required before enrollment in subsequent Never Too Early trainings.

In short, this advanced training offers participants the opportunity to deeply assess one’s own philosophy and current practice, in general, and in terms of literacy. We hope this will be a transformative experience.

This will be offered as a virtual training in combination with an individual Action Research project, community postings in a Google classroom, and some work with class partners. There will be two 1.5-hour Zoom sessions, 1.5-hour individual work time, and 1.5-hour equivalent time with written interaction on the classroom site. Six hours of professional development credits will be awarded for the completion of the training. Each participant will receive a set of brand-new children’s books.

The training components will include:

  • Philosophy of Education and Literacy education, review of current sources, and personal philosophy development.
  • The Open Questioning Mindset in teaching and literacy
  • Literacy Team Book Choices, recommendations, and discussion on curriculum implementation and enhancement of classroom reading methodology.
  • Action Research, model, methods, and project

How to Book a Training

Vermont Humanities*** January 13, 2022