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Wed 04

Rural America is a Big Deal

March 4
7:00 pm
Whitney Kimball Coe, coordinator of the National Rural Assembly, shows that although rural communities are hurting, they also hold a wealth of solutions for a nation struggling to fuel its economy, feed a hungry planet, and take on global issues like climate change. Read More »
Wed 01

Visualizing Votes for Women

April 1
7:00 pm
In celebration of the centennial of the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, UVM professor Melanie Gustafson highlights women's suffrage activists and their movement to win the vote. Read More »
Wed 06

Life in the Studio

May 6
7:00 pm
David Macaulay, award-winning author and illustrator of Castle, Cathedral, and The Way We Work, traces the development of his books and discusses current projects and the challenges in his work. Read More »