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Wed 05

Little Kids, Big Impact

February 5
7:00 pm
For kids, the benefits of early education are obvious: 90% of the brain develops by age five. But the impact goes beyond just children; access to early education is Vermont’s most significant social and economic opportunity. Aly Richards, CEO of Let’s Grow Kids, discusses ways that early education both helps kids and strengthens communities. Read More »
Wed 04

Adventures in Looking at Art

March 4
7:00 pm
Artists invest considerable energy to give outward form to their inner voice. Mara Williams, curator of the Brattleboro Museum, leads an interactive exploration into how texture, palette, patina, and other elements bring to life several works of contemporary art. Read More »
Wed 01

Storytelling for Public Health

April 1
7:00 pm
Through her award-winning films The Hungry Heart, All of Me, and Coming Home, documentary filmmaker Bess O’Brien reveals stories often hidden in Vermont communities. Bess discusses how documentary storytelling can help generate empathy and positive change in Vermont. Read More »
Wed 06

Einstein in a Nutshell

May 6
7:00 pm
Einstein’s most famous contribution to science—his theory of relativity—is based on an idea so simple it can be stated in one sentence. Yet from that simple idea, explains Middlebury professor Richard Wolfson, follow conclusions that have revolutionized our notions of space, time, and causality. Read More »