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Wed 05

Refugee Theater: Kurdish and Yazidi Women Speak Out

February 5
7:00 pm
Rojava, a revolutionary experiment in Kurdish Syria, attempts to create an inclusive democracy safe from ISIS, Turkish incursion, and Syria’s civil war. Smith College professor Ellen W. Kaplan discusses the process of interviewing women, activists, refugees, and fighters from the Rojava region, and transforming their experiences into theater. Read More »
Wed 04

Come and Listen

March 4
7:00 pm
In this interactive “listening party,” archivist Andy Kolovos and producer Mary Wesley share audio clips from the Vermont Folklife Center’s archives that showcase Vermont’s past and present diversity. Read More »
Wed 01

Mindfulness: Its History, Practice, and Meaning

April 1
7:00 pm
Marlboro College professor William Edelglass traces the history of mindfulness from multiple traditions, starting with early Buddhist texts and ending with the secularization of mindfulness in contemporary American society. Read More »
Wed 06

The Salt of the Earth: The Rhetoric of White Supremacy

May 6
7:00 pm
In 2014 in Grand Saline, Texas, a 79-year-old white Methodist minister named Charles Moore set himself on fire as a final protest against the community’s racism. Drawing from his documentary film Man on Fire, Middlebury professor James Sanchez discusses the rhetoric of white supremacy and suggests ways communities might address bigotry. Read More »