Vermont Humanities

The Making of “No Other Lake”

Ilsley Public Library 75 Main St, Middlebury, VT, United States

In 2021, UVM student Jordan Rowell kayaked the 120-mile length of Lake Champlain. Over a two-week journey, Rowell and local filmmaker Duane Peterson conducted interviews to better understand the challenges facing the lake and to explore our relationship with natural resources in the era of climate change. The pair shares excerpts from their short documentary film and discusses its creation.

In Goldleana’s Hands: Black Women and Labor Choices in North Louisiana in 1950s

Ilsley Public Library 75 Main St, Middlebury, VT, United States

Jolivette Anderson-Douoning shares the lived experience of Mrs. Goldleana, whose story illuminates the role Black women played as laborers in the Louisiana cotton and timber industries—and in their own families—in the 1940s and 50s. She also highlights geographical differences in Black migration: some left the South while others remained. 

Birding Her-story: The Lost Legacy of Women in Ornithology

Ilsley Public Library 75 Main St, Middlebury, VT, United States

“Bird Diva” Bridget Butler believes that there’s a bit of bias in the birding world when it comes to females. In this presentation, she examines new scientific studies on female birds, shares stories of the “Mothers of Ornithology,” and reflects on current research about gender and birding.

When Cultures Collide

Ilsley Public Library 75 Main St, Middlebury, VT, United States

Enter the world of the DeafBlind with René Pellerin as he recounts stories from his personal experiences as a DeafBlind person living with Usher Syndrome. “Rene The Unstoppable” uses humor to tell stories of his travels with and without support, frustrations and comic blunders experienced in both the hearing and Deaf worlds, and how he’s overcome obstacles along the way.

Justin Morgan’s Horse: Making an American Myth

Orwell Free Library 473 Main St, Orwell, United States

All Morgan horses today trace their lineage back to a single horse: a mystery stallion named Figure, owned by singing teacher Justin Morgan in the late 18th century. But who was Figure, really? What stories have people told about him in the two centuries since he lived and worked in Vermont?

Student Livestream with Nana-Ama Danquah

Middlebury Union High School 73 Charles Ave, Middlebury, VT, United States

Join us for a special livestream for Vermont high school students. Nana-Ama Danquah, a native of Ghana, is a freelance journalist, ghostwriter, public speaker, actress, and teacher. Her groundbreaking memoir, Willow Weep for Me: A Black Woman's Journey through Depression (W.W. Norton & Co.).

Alfred Hitchcock and the Art of Suspense

Ilsley Public Library 75 Main St, Middlebury, VT, United States

Hitchcock famously said “Some films are slices of life; mine are slices of cake.” His career spanned forty years and many film eras. Film expert Rick Winston will discuss the evolution of Hitchcock’s craft, exploring his favorite themes, his relationship with his collaborators, and his wry sense of humor no matter how grisly the subject matter.

South Korean Cinema, aka K-Cinema: What’s in a Name?

Ilsley Public Library 75 Main St, Middlebury, VT, United States

What does South Korea’s vibrant cinema have to say about our understanding of society and the human subject? Hyon Joo Yoo will unpack how South Korean cinema, as an aesthetic response to conditions in South Korea and beyond, reflects upon the universal human subject in the era of global capitalism

Soup to Nuts: An Eccentric History of Food

Platt Memorial Library 279 Main St, Shoreham, VT, United States

The history of what and how we eat encompasses everything from the prehistoric mammoth luau to the medieval banquet to the modern three squares a day. Find out about the rocky evolution of table manners, the not-so-welcome invention of the fork, the awful advent of portable soup, and the surprising benefits of family dinners – plus some catchy info on seasonal foods.