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October 2021

*DIGITAL* NPR’s Eric Westervelt on Bigger Fires, Hotter Days, and Drier Lands

October 22
12:15 pm
Person with a red umbrella standing on a dock in the rain

Mega fires, excessive heat and widening drought all underscore how climate change is fueling the routinization of extreme weather, with consequences for all of us. (Registration required.) Read More »

*LIVE* Rising Tide: The Crossroads Project with the Fry Street Quartet

October 22
7:30 pm
UVM Recital Hall, Burlington
Physicist Dr. Robert Davies of Utah State University with the Fry Street Quartet in front of a green close-up of a leaf

Confronting a planet under siege and a future in peril, the Crossroads Project creates live performance experiences that address global sustainability and provide a path toward meaningful response. With an original score by composer Laura Kaminsky as well as music by Haydn and Janáček, the Fry Street Quartet provides the backdrop to a compelling film and expert scientific storytelling by physicist Dr. Robert Davies of Utah State University. (Tickets required.) Read More »

Rosie’s Mom: Forgotten Women of the First World War

October 23
2:00 pm
Image of woman at lathe

One hundred years ago, a full generation before Rosie the Riveter, women rolled up their sleeves and entered war industries where they had never been welcome before. They ran powerful machinery, learned new skills, and faced the sullen hostility of the men in the shops. In this illustrated lecture, historian Carrie Brown reveals their courage and their hard work, and explores how these women helped shape the work that their more famous daughters would do in the next World War. Read More »


Justin Morgan’s Horse: Making an American Myth

October 23
4:00 pm
Pond Village Church, Brookfield
Image of Morgan Horse

All Morgan horses today trace their lineage back to a single horse: a mystery stallion named Figure, owned by singing teacher Justin Morgan in the late 18th century. But who was Figure, really? Amanda Gustin of the Vermont Historical Society explores the story of the first Morgan horse. Read More »


From the Parlor to the Polling Place: Stories and Songs from the Suffragists

October 24
3:00 pm
Suffragette standing before a banner

Singer and historian Linda Radtke, in period garb and “Votes for Women” sash, celebrates the centennial of the passage of the 19th Amendment, specifically highlighting the decades-long persistence of Vermonters, both women and men. Read More »


Norwich Public Library: Gilded Age: Then and Now

October 25
4:00 pm
Image of drawing of industrialists atop boat

This series starts with the 1893 Columbian Exposition and continues on through the Gilded Age.  Portrayals of inventors, entrepreneurs, artists and lawyers include Henry James, Stanford White, Clarence Darrow, George Westinghouse, Thomas Edison, D.W. Griffiths and detective William Burns. Three novels and a narrative history illustrate that spectacular time period in ways that in turn illuminate our own era. Read More »


Peacham Library: African American Experience: South to North

October 26
7:00 pm
Peacham Library, Peacham
Image of painting of Great Migration

Personal writing by African-American authors can transcend self-reflection, becoming meditations on history, justice, and freedom from oppression. From Frederick Douglass's first autobiography to Malcolm X's incendiary account of his political awakening, the memoirs and essays in this series reveal as much about society as they do about their authors. Read More »


*DIGITAL* Of Wheelmen, the New Woman, and Good Roads: Bicycling in Vermont, 1880-1920

October 26
7:00 pm
Charlotte Library, Charlotte
Image of man with early bicycle

In this lecture, UVM professor Luis Vivanco explores the fascinating early history of the bicycle in Vermont, a new invention that generated widespread curiosity when it arrived here in the 1880s. Read More »


Vermont Women and the Civil War

October 27
7:00 pm
Image of woman

“Vermont women enlisted for the duration.” So said a Vermont historian assessing the war years 1861-1865. Vermont’s remarkable Civil War battlefield record is well documented, but little is known of how Vermont women sustained the home front. Historian Howard Coffin explains, with nearly 35,000 of the state’s able-bodied men at war, how women took on farming, worked in factories, served as nurses in the state's military hospitals, and more. Read More »


November 2021

From Homebrew to the House of Fermentology

November 3
6:00 pm
Bill Mares and friend with beer

Bill Mares began making his own beer 45 years ago, when home brewing was illegal and there were no microbreweries in America. In this presentation, he offers a short history of beer itself and discusses Vermont’s small but significant contribution to the American beer revolution. Read More »

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