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Words in the Woods with Poet James Crews

Poet James Crews, author of Bluebird, reads from and discusses his poetry at Jamaica State Park for our Words in the Woods series. He also shares writing prompts for those inspired by his words.

Note: we have also released this conversation as an episode of our Portable Humanist podcast series.


  1. Charles Butterfield

    These poems, brief as they are, make me care that there is substance beneath the surface of things. The lyric flow of the poems acts as guide to the subterranean where things begin. It is too easy to be distracted by the scents, sounds and scenes during a walk in the woods, but Crews’s poems remind me that smelling, listening, looking intently are really avenues to the subsurfaces of things. In these times of rancorous polarization, Crews’s language and voice are healing. I will certainly look for his book. I recently found his poem The Body Electric, and was pleased to share it with our poetry-appreciation group. ““““““

    • Ryan Newswanger

      Thanks for watching this video, Charles…we very much enjoyed James’ poetry as well, and spending a morning with him at Jamaica State Park.