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Circle of Sawdust: The Mud, Myth, and Magic of the Circus

Image of man with painting of a clownIn “Circle of Sawdust” Rob Mermin shows rare film clips and relates personal anecdotes of wacky characters, wild escapades, and poignant recollections of life in the world of circus.

Mermin ran off to join the circus in 1969, and his adventures took him clowning with tent shows in Wales, mule wrangling above the Arctic Circle with Sweden’s National Circus, riding bareback with the Magyars in the Hungarian State Cirkusz, three years clowning in Copenhagen’s famous circus building by the Tivoli, and entertaining royalty in the circus palaces of Europe and the former Soviet Union.

In 1987 Rob founded Vermont’s own Circus Smirkus, called by the Boston Globe, “One of New England’s cultural treasures…the first Vermont-based traveling circus in over 100 years!”

Special Arrangements: screen, DVD player or laptop, speakers, and projector (optional; can be provided by speaker if necessary).

Additional Costs: mileage.

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Image of Rob Mermin Rob Mermin - Rob trained in Paris in 1969 with mentor Marcel Marceau, and founded Vermont’s award-winning youth circus company Circus Smirkus. See full biography.

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