Vermont Humanities
music scholars James Lockridge, Melo Grant, and Reuben Jackson

Vermont Humanities Listening Party

Through generations, there is always a band, song, or album that inspires a love of music. In this Fall Festival 2023 event at Vermont Humanities in Montpelier, music scholars Reuben Jackson, Melo Grant, and James Lockridge take us through the tracks of some of their favorite artists. From the songs of Phoebe Snow to the beats of Public Enemy, this event will span the many genres and decades that continue to inspire us today.

From Piano Playing to the Player Piano, 1900 Through the Roaring 20s

In this Fall Festival 2023 event at the Main Street Museum in White River Junction, Artis Wodehouse pianolizes (foot-pump) a representative group of piano rolls from the early 1910s to the 1920s on the Main Street Museum’s player piano. They provide musical guideposts for her description of the significant cultural and musical impact of the play piano’s unprecedented ability to deliver a musical performance.