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Image of old steam train

Will Technology Save Us?

Video: Will technological progress continue to drive progress and economic prosperity or are our best innovations behind us? Northwestern University economics professors Robert J. Gordon and Joel Mokyr present profoundly different outlooks for America’s economic future.

Image of George C. Marshall

George C. Marshall: Soldier-Statesman of the American Century

Video: With Mark A. Stoler. Marshall was the architect of both the Allied World War II victory and key U.S. Cold War policies, most notably the European Recovery Program, known as “the Marshall Plan,” for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Image of MLK at March on Washington

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Lessons in Leadership

Video: Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Taylor Branch explored how the citizens’ movement around Dr. King is a patriotic model for the future, not the past, promising once again to overcome gridlock and other intractable barriers along with race.

Image of painting of Henry V

Thinking with Shakespeare; or, What Can We Learn from Him

Video: With David Scott Kastan. By actually reading Shakespeare, rather than merely cherry-picking phrases, we discover that leadership turns out to be something rare, necessary, often painful, and almost inevitably compromised and compromising.