Vermont Humanities
Kevin Garner building a stone wall in a library

The History and Structure of Stone Walls

Video: New England has thousands of miles of stone walls. Author and builder Kevin Gardner discusses the history of stone walls and how they became a significant element of our landscape, all while building a miniature New England wall in the library.

Image of woman

100 Years of Women’s Suffrage in Vermont

Video: From the Vermont Historical Society’s Third Thursday series: historians Lyn Blackwell and Rachel Onuf share a Vermont perspective on suffrage, including previously overlooked and fascinating women.

Image of immigrant family looking at Statue of Liberty

Composite Nation: Can America Find a Unifying Historical Narrative Rooted in Progress?

Video: Americans’ sense of hope or faith that tomorrow will be better than today has always depended upon not only when one lives, but also who one is. David Blight considers the ebb and flow of optimism throughout American history in light of this fact.