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Shanta Lee Gander

Shanta Lee is an artist who works in different mediums and a public intellectual whose work has been featured in many publications. Among her intellectual work and connections includes her exploration of Lucy Terry Prince. This work has expanded to being a part of Jay Craven’s production of Lost Nation which will include the Princes within a larger narrative about how individuals sought their version of the American dream within early Vermont.

Shanta Lee is the author of  GHETTOCLAUSTROPHOBIA: Dreamin of Mama While Trying to Speak in Woke Tongues (Diode Editions) and author of a forthcoming collection, Black Metamorphoses (Etruscan Press). In addition to teaching media studies at The Putney School, she is a Vermont Public Radio producer and reporter, and a regular contributor to Art New England, and Ms. Magazine. Her current photography exhibition, Dark Goddess, continues to expand with multimedia aspects in its latest iteration at the Fleming Museum of Art.  This spring 2022 work with the Fleming Museum also includes a component of her research in connecting themes from Dark Goddess to some of the items within the museum’s collection in an inquiry focused on the sacred feminine.

Most dear to Shanta Lee is exploring the human experience by asking the difficult and uncomfortable questions as a way of diving beneath the surface of life. To learn more about her visual art and written work, visit:


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