Introducing Democracy 20/20

Christopher Kaufman Ilstrup, Executive Director of Vermont Humanities, provides a brief introduction of our Fall Conference 2020: “Democracy 20/20.”

JAG Talks with Keelay Gipson and Stacey Rose

Video: a conversation on the condition of Black theatre during a time of death, betrayal, and global pandemic. Jarvis Green, producing artistic director at JAG Productions, leads a discussion with award-winning playwrights Keelay Gipson and Stacey Rose.

Edward Gorey’s Morbid Nonsense

Video: Biographer Mark Dery discusses Edward Gorey, the author and illustrator whose picture books full of murder, mayhem, and discreet depravity influenced Tim Burton, Lemony Snicket, and Guillermo Del Toro.

David Macaulay: “Crossing On Time”

Video: Illustrator David Macaulay illuminates the rich and storied history that culminated in the building of the steamship the SS United States. He also tells of a personal journey: the famed vessel was the very one on which the author emigrated to America as a ten-year-old.

After the Crossing

Audio: Many different groups of people, from many different continents, have helped build our state. But from the 19th century through 2019, the stories of immigrants have largely been excluded from the popular image of Vermont.