Marlboro Professor Discusses Islam’s Approach to Diversity

The Qur’an states that God created differences not only as a test for humanity but also as a path toward self-knowledge. Marlboro College professor Amer Latif considers how the Qur’an frames the perennial problem of living more harmoniously in a diverse world.

Author Alison Bechdel Discusses the Power of Comics

Alison Bechdel, author of the comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For and the graphic memoir Fun Home: A Family Tragicomedy, discusses what makes comics such a powerful medium for addressing and upending oppression.

Author Evan Thomas Looks at Life of Sandra Day O’Connor

Based on his bestselling biography, Evan Thomas examines the life and work of the first woman on the US Supreme Court, tracing O’Connor’s story from a childhood on a remote cattle ranch in Arizona to her 25 years as a Supreme Court Justice.

Actor Bryan Terrell Clark Explores Finding Purpose through Art

Drawing from his humble beginnings in Baltimore to his career on Broadway—most notably as George Washington in Hamilton: The Musical—Bryan Terrell Clark discusses how exposure to the arts can empower young people to discover the best version of themselves.

Author Ilan Stavans Shares Dictionary Stories

Amherst College professor Ilan Stavans shares extraordinary and often hilarious anecdotes about dictionaries through the ages, while reflecting on a life dedicated to honoring words.

Scholar Barry Deitz Shares Story Behind Sherlock Holmes

Scholar Barry Deitz looks at the life and times of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes. He discusses the inspiration for Holmes and examines what other writers, actors, and directors have done with the character over the past 130 years.

Comic Josie Leavitt Performs Story of Her Cancer Struggle

In early 2018, award-winning comic and storyteller Josie Leavitt was diagnosed with breast cancer. In her solo show So This Happened, she takes the audience on her almost year-long cancer journey, pulling no punches in an intimate performance about her treatment.