Before Your Time: More than Books

We still need libraries. But what is their role in the age of the internet? And why, in a state with so many beautiful libraries, is it such a challenge to keep them going?

What a Character!

What makes a character memorable? Why do the protagonists in these works of fiction linger long after the last page is turned?

Border Crossings

A book of short stories, a memoir and two novels bring us to present day consideration of migration, immigration and refuge.

Georgia O’Keeffe: A Critical Look

Video: Georgia O’Keeffe lived 99 years and produced over 2,000 works in her 75-year career. James Maroney, the former Head of American Paintings at both Sotheby’s and Christie’s in New York who conducted her estate appraisal after her death, presents a critical evaluation of her best work.

20th Century US Conflicts: The Rise of a Superpower

The Spanish-American War and its related conflict in the Philippines marked the debut of the United States as a world power. How have successive wars increased that power – or callled it into question?

How They Lived

These celebrated works illuminate historical eras and professional pursuits long gone by.

(Re)introducing Classical Greece

This will be an opportunity for readers to refresh their previous knowledge of everyday Greek references, and for some people, a chance to be introduced for the first time to the main thinkers of the Classical Greek period