UVM Historian Considers Influences That Led to National Park System

The national park idea has been credited to “a wonderful and interesting group of rugged western pioneers.” But as UVM historian Rolf Diamant explains, the inspiration of Central Park, the ending of slavery, and the remaking of government during the Civil War were all critical to the establishment of our first national parks.

Rural Communities Advocate Speaks on Rural America’s Potential

Whitney Kimball Coe, coordinator of the National Rural Assembly, shows that although rural communities are hurting, they also hold a wealth of solutions for a nation struggling to fuel its economy, feed a hungry planet, and take on global issues like climate change.

Reading Thoreau in the 21st Century

Video: Henry David Thoreau advocated for both civil disobedience to unjust political authority and also for nature’s appropriate role in our economic, moral, and spiritual lives. UVM professor Bob Pepperman Taylor discusses the relationship between Thoreau’s political and environmental messages and how they resonate today.