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Do We Still Need an Armed Citizenry?

Scultpure of revolver with barrel twistedFor most of its life, the Second Amendment was a very sleepy amendment. Unlike the First Amendment, which quickly raised the vexing problem of what speech is protected, the Second Amendment received very little attention from cities and states until after the 9/11 attacks.

In this presentation, professor Meg Mott focuses on the political theory behind the Second Amendment. Why did a “republican form of government” require an armed citizenry? What were the hopes and fears behind the Second Amendment, and why was it written in the passive voice? She’ll consider the arguments that support a 21st century reading of this most-cited Amendment and what constitutional arguments are being used to limit the gun rights newly afforded by the Supreme Court.

Available in Correctional Facilities.

Additional Costs: mileage.

Special Arrangements: Projector with connector for Mac laptop

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Meg Mott Meg Mott - After twenty years of teaching political theory and constitutional law to Marlboro College undergraduates, Meg Mott has taken her love of argument to the general public.

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