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First Wednesdays Lecture Series Begins September 27

The Vermont Humanities Council’s popular First Wednesdays statewide lecture series begins a new season of diverse talks with renowned scholars this fall. New Yorker humorist and writer Calvin Trillin kicks off the season on the special date of September 27 with his talk “The Writing Life” at UVM’s Ira Allen Chapel.

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Celestial Visions

The viewing of the solar eclipse reminded Peter Gilbert of his experience viewing Halley’s Comet in January 1986, and the finite nature of life.

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Statement on Inclusion

The Vermont Arts Council and the Vermont Humanities Council stand together in stating:

We are deeply troubled by recent violence and expressions of hatred and bigotry that go against the fundamental ideals that define our country. We know that the arts and humanities have the power to create and nurture empathy, promote thoughtful reflection, heal, and advance understanding even among people whose lives are vastly different from our own.

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Questions and Answers

When “Enquiring minds want to know” curious things can happen. Peter Gilbert reflects on what it’s like to be on the front line when people go in search of knowledge.

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Reading Frederick Douglass

On July 5, 1852, Frederick Douglass, former slave, eminent abolitionist, and perhaps America’s greatest orator, spoke near his home in Rochester, New York at an event commemorating the Declaration of Independence.

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The Oldest Book in the Americas

Superlatives are rare. The biggest, the best, the oldest – they are unique: there’s only one “biggest.” Superlatives are particularly noteworthy when they relate to something important, something people value, and perhaps collect, like books.

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Love And Need

The frequent news stories these days about the countless hungry and homeless strangers seeking shelter and security, both in Europe and the US, raise the same issues that are raised in Robert Frost’s famous poem “Two Tramps in Mud Time.”

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