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Information And Intelligence

Two prominent science journals both recently published articles on the same subject, the importance of science and expertise in charting public policy. One of them was written by one of Vermont’s most brilliant and eminent neighbors.

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Investing In Cultural Wealth

The arts and humanities are a large part of our nation’s cultural wealth, part of what makes us a great country. Our nation cannot afford to dispense with the humanities and the arts, especially to save a tiny fraction of the federal budget.

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Eddie Would Go

Every year, between December 1st and the end of February, if winter storms in the North Pacific send really big waves on to the North Shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu, then an invitational big wave surfing competition may happen.

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Choosing Optimism

The 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor has reminded Peter Gilbert of the importance of trying to be optimistic even at the darkest moments.

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The Christmas Truce

British cartoonist and soldier Bruce Bairnsfather wrote about the Christmas Truce, “I wouldn’t have missed that unique and weird Christmas Day for anything.”

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