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A Manner of Speaking

Image of child shouting into a microphoneUsing various examples from his own and others’ work, Alan demonstrates how writers creating speeches and monologues must pay special attention to such elements as focus, rhythm and sound devices. Most important, those writing for performance must remember that the words themselves should support the performers’ ability to tell a compelling story. The words should help the performers employ the full range of acting tools—movement, vocal variety, surprise and emotion.

While writers will come to a better understanding of how to create for the stage and the podium, the general public will gain a better appreciation for the craft behind compelling presentations. Particularly in this entertainment-saturated society where we are often being sold something, a deeper understanding of the rhetoric writers employ can only be beneficial. I look forward to sharing this concept with my fellow Vermonters.

Available in correctional facilities.

About the presenter

Image of Alan Haehnel Alan Haehnel - Alan graduated from Brigham Young University with a major in English education and a minor in theater, then returned to Vermont to teach high school English. He has also been very active in theater as a writer, director and performer. See full biography.

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