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A Dramatic Constitution

Image of preamble to the ConstitutionWhile the United States Constitution is small in size, it is large enough to support our most dramatic disagreements. Beginning with the clash between slave states and free states, we have staged all of our controversies on the Articles and Amendments. Even during the Civil War, the Constitution held.

In this presentation, Meg Mott considers how the Constitution both forces and frames our disagreements. In the first two centuries, citizens regularly debated public matters, drawing on the Constitution as a shared authority. What does it mean for our republic when only legal professionals take the stage?

Available in Correctional Facilities.

Additional Costs: mileage.

Special Arrangements: Projector with connector for Mac laptop

About the presenter

Meg Mott Meg Mott - After twenty years of teaching political theory and constitutional law to Marlboro College undergraduates, Meg Mott has taken her love of argument to the general public.

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