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1964: A Watershed Year in Vermont’s Political (and Cultural) History

Image of poster for governorIn 1964, the Republican Party lost its tight-fisted grasp on Vermont politics, starting the swing of the political pendulum from Vermont as bastion of conservative republicanism to a state with a highly diversified political climate featuring progressive and even radical politics.

Novelist Deborah Luskin, whose extensive research into the politics of mid-century Vermont was undertaken in the writing of ‘Into the Wilderness,’ a love story that takes place against the two major political events of that year, shows how the shift is more complex and more nuanced than mere politics.

Photo courtesy of Vermont Historical Society

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Image of Deborah Lee Luskin Deborah Lee Luskin - Deborah holds a PhD in English literature, and has worked as a journalist, novelist, radio commentator, blogger, pen-for-hire, office manager, farmer, and beekeeper. See full biography.

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