Vermont Reads 2012 Application Details

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Vermont Reads 2013

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How Does My Community Qualify?

To qualify, the community must have:

• A nonprofit organization willing to be the primary sponsor/coordinator—libraries, schools, historical societies, and social service organizations are possibilities.

• 1-2 representatives of that organization willing to act as project director(s).

• At least two other organizations to join the project team and help develop and carry out the program plan. Involve as many partners as possible. The more partners, the better.

In addition to schools and libraries, potential local partners might include bookstores; museums and historical societies; church groups; local businesses; service organizations; afterschool/summer programs; teen centers; senior centers/assisted living facilities; and adult education and literacy services centers.

Strong applications ideally will include at least one local school and the public and school libraries. No application, however, will be denied outright for lack of participation from one of these entities.

Organizations must develop strong collaborations, plan creative and diverse humanities-based activities that support community-wide reading and discussion of the book and the themes it  contains, and undertake vigorous publicity in the months leading up to the activities.


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Vermont Reads 2012 Resources

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