Vermont Reads Application

Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie


1. Sponsoring Group
The sponsoring group must take the lead in program planning and implementation, publicity, and reporting back to VHC about community activities.








2. Project Director







3. Program Information







4. Plannned Activities
Please list all activities you plan to run as part of your Vermont Reads project.  Briefly describe each activity, note audiences and number of participants you anticipate taking part, and include any other information necessary for us to understand your project’s scope and character.  Again, you should plan a variety of programs or activities, including public activities that strive to reach different audiences, and ideally draw those different audiences together.  Be sure to organize your project so that calendar entries for each event are sent to us at least six weeks prior to the event. For the report that we will expect from you at the end of your project, be sure to record the attendance at each event.








5. Collaborating Organizations
At least two collaborating organizations are required. Please list all collaborating organizations or businesses on the project and the extent of participation by each.








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