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Humanities Commentaries on VPR

Each month, VHC’s Executive Director Peter Gilbert presents commentaries on Vermont Public Radio that examine current and past events from a humanities perspective.

Read or listen to Peter’s commentaries by clicking on the links below.

Peter's Commentaries Have Been Compiled into a New Book

Peter Gilbert Publishes I Was Thinking . . . Travels in the World of Ideas

“In what appears to be a paradox, Americans may have become more opinionated and yet less confident in their capacity to think for themselves. Could that be in part because Americans are reading less? And engaging less with the world of ideas?”

So asks Vermont Humanities Council Executive Director Peter Gilbert in the introduction to this collection of more than sixty lively essays adapted from his frequent commentaries on Vermont Public Radio. I Was Thinking is a perfect book for anyone who enjoys ideas and loves learning. Learn more about I Was Thinking . . .


Recent commentaries

Yosemite Protected (6-30-2014) A century and a half ago today, President Lincoln signed a bill that preserved perhaps the most dramatic natural landscape in the country. The event spoke to the changing nature of the federal government, an issue still very much debated today.  Here’s commentator and Vermont Humanities Council executive director Peter Gilbert with the story and its Vermont connection.
Whoa Nellie Deli (6-10-2014) As summer vacation time approaches, commentator and Vermont Humanities Council executive director Peter Gilbert dreams of great hiking and surprisingly great dining enjoyed in previous summers.
Objective History (5-8-2014) Commentator and Vermont Humanities Council executive director Peter Gilbert has been looking at some interesting history books that are based on the fact that it’s not just Madonna who lives in a material world; we all do.

And enjoy these timely reflections pulled from the archive

Frederick Douglass on 4th of July (7-2-08) This summer the Rokeby Museum in Ferrisburg is featuring recordings of eight pivotal speeches by American abolitionists. Commentator and executive director of the Vermont Humanities Council Peter Gilbert says that one of them seems especially relevant today—as the Fourth of July approaches.
French and Indian War (7-4-06) On Independence Day, here's commentator Peter Gilbert to tell us about the war that made Independence Day possible. It's been nicknamed the War that Made America–and it's not the American Revolution.

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