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Humanities Commentaries on VPR

Each month, VHC’s Executive Director Peter Gilbert presents commentaries on Vermont Public Radio that examine current and past events from a humanities perspective.

Read or listen to Peter’s commentaries by clicking on the links below.

Peter's Commentaries Have Been Compiled into a New Book

Peter Gilbert Publishes I Was Thinking . . . Travels in the World of Ideas

“In what appears to be a paradox, Americans may have become more opinionated and yet less confident in their capacity to think for themselves. Could that be in part because Americans are reading less? And engaging less with the world of ideas?”

So asks Vermont Humanities Council Executive Director Peter Gilbert in the introduction to this collection of more than sixty lively essays adapted from his frequent commentaries on Vermont Public Radio. I Was Thinking is a perfect book for anyone who enjoys ideas and loves learning. Learn more about I Was Thinking . . .


Recent commentaries

Prodigy (12-5-2014) Genius is a mysterious thing. It’s hard to know where it comes from, and sometimes it just vanishes.  Commentator Peter Gilbert has the sad and mysterious story of a local prodigy.
Lincoln's Bixby Letter (11-19-2014) Commentator and Vermont Humanities Council executive director Peter Gilbert argues that it isn’t just the moving eloquence of a famous letter from President Lincoln that makes the document a masterpiece, but its empathy and moving sentiment.
Conspiracy to Burn (11-7-2014) This month marks the anniversary of an almost forgotten—and almost devastating—chapter in the history of New York City—and our nation.  Commentator Peter Gilbert says it’s a story of vengeance, deluding oneself, and, fortunately, incompetence.

And enjoy these timely reflections pulled from the archive

A Wreath (12-24-07) This time of year, beautiful holiday wreaths adorn front doors all over Vermont. They remind commentator Peter Gilbert of a favorite poem.
Philanthropy (12-6-11) When most of us think of philanthropists, we think of people who give a lot of money to charity, like Andrew Carnegie and Bill Gates. But commentator and Vermont Humanities Council executive director Peter Gilbert argues that the real meaning of philanthropy is found in the roots of the word itself.

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