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A Wreath (12-24-07)

This time of year, beautiful holiday wreaths adorn front doors all over Vermont. They remind commentator Peter Gilbert of a favorite poem.

Person of the Year (12-14-07) 

Each December Time Magazine chooses a Person of the Year, the person or idea that for better or worse, has most influenced events in the preceding year.  Commentator Peter Gilbert takes a look at the last eighty years of world history through Time’s choices.

Lost Letters (11-27-07)

For commentator Peter Gilbert, stories of lost and undelivered letters spark the imagination, and remind him of monumental works in literature.

Kennedy and Thanksgiving (11-19-07)

This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving, but it's also the 44th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. Commentator Peter Gilbert recently came across the speech that the President would have given that afternoon and thinks it may reflect important lessons Kennedy learned as president.

Northwest Passage (10-26-07)

Recently, the European Space Agency announced that the Northwest Passage is fully clear of ice for the first time since records began. For commentator Peter Gilbert, the news brings to mind centuries of compelling history of Arctic exploration.

Adams in Russia (10-16-07)

He's President of the United States and the son of a former President of the United States. He's headed to Russia for a ten-day visit, but it's not George W. Bush. Here's commentator Peter Gilbert to explain.

Sputnik (10-2-07)

Recently commentator Peter Gilbert was reminded of a time—not so very long ago—when anything having to do with "space" was still the stuff of science fiction.

Gandhi and 9/11 (9-11-07)

On this historic date, commentator Peter Gilbert reflects on the legacy of another September 11th.

Baked Beans (8-29-2007)

Many family reunions take place this time of year. Commentator Peter Gilbert tells us about what makes his family's reunion special.

Mystery Solved (8-21-07)

Commentator Peter Gilbert tells of a mystery in his family that was resolved recently, after decades of doubt.

Poets and Lawyers (7-23-07)

The upcoming public ceremony at the State House honoring Ruth Stone of Middlebury as Vermont's new State Poet has commentator Peter Gilbert thinking about the relationship between poets and — of all people— lawyers.

Memorial Day (5-25-07)

This Memorial Day commentator Peter Gilbert will be in his family's hometown of Dorset. Each year, there's a brief ceremony in the church before the parade to the cemetery, where the honor guard's three-volley salute and the playing of taps literally brings home the meaning of the day.

Barbarians (5-18-07)

Commentator Peter Gilbert says that lessons about not making convenient excuses for inaction — either as a society or as individuals—can be found in an anniversary coming up tomorrow—and a modern Greek poem.

Graduation (5-4-07)

This is the time of year for graduations and commencement addresses. And commentator Peter Gilbert is reminded of a classic commencement address that is as inspiring today as it was when it was given—in 1954.

Empathy (4-15-07)

An address to fellow VPR commentators and friends on the topic of “common ground.”

Frost on Spring (4-6-07)

With spring more or less at hand, commentator Peter Gilbert has been thinking of Robert Frost's poem "A Prayer in Spring", which, he says, is about one of those beautiful spring days that doesn't just give you spring fever; it touches your heart and soul at the deepest level.

Dred Scott Anniversary (3-14-07)

Commentator Peter Gilbert says that last Tuesday, March 6th, marked the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of one of the most well-known Supreme Court decisions in U.S. History. But the occasion was largely ignored, perhaps because the decision in the Dred Scott case was one of the worst ever issued by the Court.

Auden (2-20-07)

Tomorrow, February 21, is the hundredth birthday of one of the great literary figures of the twentieth century. And commentator Peter Gilbert thinks it's an event worth celebrating.

Williamsburg (1-18-07)

During the holidays, commentator Peter Gilbert traveled with his family to Williamsburg, Virginia—back in time, to the days of the American Revolution. What he found surprised him.

State House Anniversary (1-5-07)

On a cold night exactly one hundred and fifty years ago, Vermont lost a unique treasure. Ironically however, from that tragic loss came another handsome treasure, which we now have cause to celebrate. Here's commentator Peter Gilbert. 

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