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Christmas Pageant (12-22-05)

One of the staples of the season is the holiday pageant, and commentator Peter Gilbert says that’s one of his favorite holiday events.

Giant Squid (11-16-05)

A thrilling scientific discovery recently caused commentator Peter Gilbert to think of the work of Victorian poet Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Guy Fawkes Day (11-05-05)

On the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot, commentator Peter Gilbert tells us about the origin of Guy Fawkes Day in England, and just perhaps the origin of a character's name from Harry Potter as well.

Trafalgar (10-21-05)

Today, October twenty first, is the 200th anniversary of what's been called the most decisive naval battle, both tactically and strategically, in history. Commentator Peter Gilbert explains.

America’s Export (10-04-05)

When commentator Peter Gilbert was traveling in rural Asia and Africa thirty years ago, the people he met tended to associate the United States with three famous Americans. The names they mentioned might hold a lesson for former White House counselor Karen Hughes, as she works to repair the U.S. image abroad.

Lear’s Storm (9-21-05)

Since Hurricane Katrina and with hurricane season still very much with us, commentator Peter Gilbert has been thinking about Shakespeare’s play King Lear.

Warren Austin (9-07-05)

President Bush's recent appointment of John Bolton as Ambassador to the UN caused commentator Peter Gilbert to recall America's first Ambassador to the UN—who hailed from Vermont.

Yard Sales (8-19-05)

You find some of the darndest things at yard sales. Recently commentator Peter Gilbert found a family board game, and it was not a . . . Trivial Pursuit.

Captives (7-27-05)

Two-hundred-and-fifty years ago, Vermont and New Hampshire were frontier territories, caught up in the French and Indian Wars. Commentator Peter Gilbert says that, for some families, it was a time of captivity and ransom.

Fireflies (7-13-05)

It's that time of year when fireflies come out at dusk. Peter recalls treasured childhood memories of trying to catch fireflies and wonders what makes them so special.

Dickinson and Gilmore (6-21-05)

Current events and the public debate about the death penalty and the right to die have caused Peter Gilbert to think about Emily Dickinson and Gary Gilmore, and to reflect on the under-appreciated power of poetry.

Tsushima (5-27-05)

The Battle of Tsushima is far from well-known now in the United States. But for a century, that critical naval engagement has cast a very long shadow. Peter Gilbert explains.

Janjaweed (5-9-05)

Reports of genocide in Darfur, Sudan, have Peter Gilbert thinking about the terror of being attacked by men on horseback.

Marine's Hymn (4-26-05)

Today is the 200th anniversary of an event that, according to Peter Gilbert, connects Reverend William Sloane Coffin to George Herbert Walker Bush, and the lyrics of the Marine's Hymn.

Lilacs in the Dooryard (4-13-05)

With lilacs about to bloom, Peter Gilbert reflects on the importance of lilacs in New Englanders' door yards, hearts and poetry.

Unchanged Alaska (3-24-05)

Each year, at the end of March, Peter Gilbert recalls a trip he took in Alaska, which combined romantic adventure with history, new and old.

Melville Ahead of His Time (3-8-05)

Peter Gilbert was absolutely astonished by contemporary-sounding references in Herman Melville's masterpiece Moby Dick.

Silent Stones (2-21-05)

Vermont schools' February vacation is upon us, and many of us dream of warm beaches. Peter Gilbert thinks of Hawaii and tells us about dramatic developments in understanding Hawaii's prehistory— the time before there were written records.

Remembering Churchill (2-7-05)

Forty years after watching the funeral of Winston Churchill as a boy, Peter Gilbert still remembers the pageantry of that occasion and feels the pull of that historic man.

Impermanence (1-24-05)

Recently, the cover of an old New Yorker inspired Peter Gilbert to think about impermanence.

Pearl Buck and the Tsunami (1-12-05)

Peter Gilbert tells us how Vermont author Pearl Buck made great children's literature out of a Japanese tsunami she witnessed.

Epiphanies (1-5-05)

What's the connection between the Biblical story of the wise men, Shakespeare and James Joyce? Peter Gilbert explains.

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