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Winter Solstice (12-21-04)

In the darkest part of the year, Peter Gilbert thinks about those who are discouraged.

Thinking First (12-09-04)

Peter Gilbert is glad that Congress is once again considering how best to respond to the recommendations of the September Eleventh Commission.

More Great Thoughts: Medical advances (11-24-04)

In another installment of our series Great Thoughts of Vermont, Peter Gilbert tells us about three path-breaking Vermont physicians.

Remembering Alistair Cooke (11-9-04)

Peter Gilbert remembers BBC broadcaster Alistair Cooke.

Letting go of good things (10-26-04)

With summer and most of autumn now behind us and one half or the other of the electorate about to be disappointed by the presidential election's results, poet Robert Frost and Peter Gilbert consider how to deal with loss.

Searching for Robert Frost in England (10-13-04)

A report issued recently by the Vermont Council on Culture and Innovation makes the connection between historic preservation and a community's economic life. Peter Gilbert has been thinking about how hard—but how important—it is to preserve what's special about rural village life.

Walden, 150 years later (9-30-04)

Peter Gilbert reflects on an American classic that is celebrating a milestone anniversary this year.

Eisenhower and Reagan (9-16-04)

Long before Ronald Reagan called for the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, President Eisenhower predicted the demise of the Soviet Union. Peter Gilbert says he even got the timing about right.

Facts and Myth (9-2-04)

Dragnet's Sergeant Friday used to want "Just the facts, Ma'am." But a visit to a lighthouse in Maine reminded Peter Gilbert of the importance of understanding not only facts, but stories and cultural myths as well.

Reverend Jonathan Edwards (8-23-04)

Two hundred and fifty years before Senator John Edwards of North Carolina became a vice presidential candidate, there was Reverend Jonathan Edwards. Peter Gilbert explains.

Watergate Anniversary (8-6-04)

Thirty years ago August 9th, President Richard Nixon resigned. It was an unprecedented event in American history, and the culmination of an event-filled summer. Peter Gilbert remembers. 

Pleasure Principle of Reading (7-27-04)

A recent national survey finds an alarming decline in reading nationwide. It's a threat to the nation itself, but Peter Gilbert finds hope in the "pleasure principle."

Preempt or Prevent (7-13-04)

Exactly fifty years ago, at the height of the Cold War, the United States was considering not only preemptive war against the Soviet Union, but even more forward-leaning preventive war. Peter Gilbert explains.

Literary revelers celebrate Bloom's Day (6-14-04)

This week is the hundredth anniversary of Bloom's Day, and around the world thousands will celebrate events that never happened. Peter Gilbert explains.

Marathon history (5-29-04)

Sunday is the Vermont City Marathon, and in honor of that event, Peter Gilbert tells us about the origins of marathons-and running shoes.

Relishing disaster movies (5-11-04)

Apparently, there's a new interest in disaster movies. Peter Gilbert has been wondering why.

Balance (4-14-04)

What do mud season and finding balance in one's life have in common? Peter Gilbert explains.

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum (3-31-04)

The Saint Johnsbury Athenaeum and Art Gallery—one of Vermont's architectural gems—has recently re-opened after a year-long renovation. And Peter Gilbert says it's been worth the wait.

Under God? (3-17-04)

In constitutional law, Peter Gilbert suggests that the internet may make it harder for us to say, "Enough of facts; let's get back to strict emotion."

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