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Rembrandt at UVM (12-8-03)

Peter Gilbert got a good laugh out of a visit to the Rembrandt exhibit at UVM.

Laughing at the November in My Soul (11-29-03)

Peter Gilbert reflects on strategies for getting through heavy weather.

Ordinary heroes (11-11-03)

Peter Gilbert had a chance encounter at an education conference that put a human face on Veteran's Day.

Four chaplains (10-13-03)

Peter Gilbert reflects on heroes from small towns and service to others.

All that stuff (10-1-03)

Peter Gilbert was inspired by the images in two books to reflect on the human tendency to collect . . . stuff.

Doubt and conviction (9-16-03)

Peter Gilbert reflects on the critical balance between conviction and doubt in today's volatile world.

Summer reading extends to Fall (9-3-03)

Peter Gilbert has some tips for finding more time to read that you may find helpful.

Summer inspired by Wordsworth (8-20-03)

Vermont summers are short, but memories of the warm season are long. Peter Gilbert reflects on the power of childhood memories of natural beauty.

Creative economy (8-4-03)

Peter Gilbert says that there is a group looking into the relationship between cultural and arts organizations and good jobs.

Diversified Vermont (7-10-03)

Peter Gilbert contemplates just what it means to be an American.

RFK, 35 years later (6-4-03)

Peter Gilbert remembers Bobby Kennedy on the 35th anniversary of his death.

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