Swenson 2003

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Swenson Award 2003

Graham Stiles Newell, St. Johnsbury Academy


VHC Executive Director Peter Gilbert, Graham Stiles Newell, Victor Swenson, Governor Jim Douglas

A Vermont teacher who has been inspiring students for more than six decades — and continues to do so today — was named the state’s humanities educator of the year at the Council’s annual fall conference November 8. Graham Stiles Newell, a long-time St. Johnsbury Academy teacher, is the first recipient of the annual Victor R. Swenson Humanities Educator Award. Governor Douglas presented the award; Newell was also recognized at St. Johnsbury Academy on November 10.

“Mr. Newell has touched my life like no other individual. I will always remember the passion that he puts into his work,” said Andrew Trask, a former student of Mr. Newell’s. “He sees education as one big subject, not something that is broken up into many [pieces]. This will stick with me for the rest of my life.”

Newell, who graduated from St. Johnsbury Academy in 1933, received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Chicago. From 1938 through 1947, Newell taught history and Latin at the Academy. For the next 35 years, Newell was a professor of History at Lyndon State College. In 1982, Newell returned full-time to his Latin classroom at St. Johnsbury Academy, where he continues to produce national Latin award winners.

St. Johnsbury Academy Headmaster Tom Lovett notes, “It is fitting that Graham be the first to receive this award as his career as an educator spans several decades. Throughout his career, he has been a champion of the literate life, a model of academic excellence, and an inspiration for students and colleagues; he is the perfect choice for such an award.”

VHC created the award to recognize a Vermont educator on an annual basis and to honor the Council’s first executive director, Victor R. Swenson.

Nominations for the Swenson Humanities Educator Award are due June 15.

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