About Reading and Discussion

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Reading and Discussion Style Programs

Exploring Ideas through Books, Poetry, and More

VHC's reading and discussion programs are built on the foundation of reading literature and discussing it with your neighbors, coworkers, and even family members, usually through a scholar-led discussion. It is a way to explore difficult issues, talk about current events, and make it through challenging times.

Literature and Medicine — a hospital-based, scholar-led Reading and Discussion program open to all hospital staff

Reading and Discussion — led by a VHC scholar, participants make connections with neighbors by reading and talking about books. Libraries — or any nonprofit — may host a reading and discussion program.

Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie Discussion Series — this series is modeled fter the Reading and Discussion program.

Vermont Reads — a statewide, one-book community reading program

You Come Too — monthly poetry discussion with VHC Executive Director Peter Gilbert at the VHC office in Montpelier

Literacy Programs — reading and discussion based literacy programs for adults and children

Creating Community, Talking with Neighbors, Working through Workplace Issues


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