Humanities Camps

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Campers say: 

"Humanities Camp rocks!"

Humanities Camps

Summer Day Camps for Middle Schoolers


 Every summer VHC sponsors an exciting summer literacy program for middle school/junior high students. Humanities Camps are week-long, thematic day camps with lots of reading, discussion, and fun, humanities-related activities.

Up to two hundred children in Vermont public schools read, share ideas, and engage in creative activities around interesting themes. The goal of Humanities Camps is to use literature as a door to a broader world for children who have not had opportunities for these experiences.

Students most in need of the individual attention, encouragement, support with reading and writing skills, and opportunities for growth are invited to attend by teachers, administrators, and school professionals.

Humanities Camps have run since 1997. VHC annually invites any Vermont public school with grades 7 and 8 to apply for a Humanities Camp. VHC awards grants to schools, and two school staff create the curriculum around sets of books provided by VHC. The camp is free to students.

The camps involve these children in the world of literature and ideas, fostering self-expression and confidence in a safe, nurturing environment. Humanities camps encourage kids to think critically about the world around them. Students experience the satisfaction that accompanies insight and self-discovery, while developing reading skills and a love of learning.

If you are interested in bringing a Humanities Camp to your school, contact your Principal or Director of Literacy Programs Jan Steinbauer via e-mail (jsteinbauer@vermonthumanities.org) or phone: 802.262.2626 x 310

Participating Schools 2013

Top: Campers at Edmunds Middle School in Burlington got a "jump" on learning at their Ancient Egypt camp in 2013. Above: Students in Poultney glazed and decorated their own bowls as part of their Food for Thought camp. 



Humanities Camps Themes

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2013 Humanities Camps Themes

Participating Schools in 2013

Schools select a theme for exploration.

Ancient Egypt

Explore the history, culture, and mythology of ancient Egypt. Campers can learn how to decipher hieroglyphics, do archaeological digs, and solve mummy mysteries! They’ll discover what everyday life was like along the Nile for ordinary kids and for pharaohs.

Food for Thought

Food is a vital part of all cultures and is a key element that brings people together. This theme invites campers to discover food traditions around the world, and to think about what we eat and about those who are in need of food.

Music Made in America

I've Got the Blues . . . All That Jazz! This Land Was Made for You and Me!  Explore with eye and ear the rich musical traditions of Blues, Jazz, and Folk.  Discover how they are integral parts of our country's history and culture, and learn about the people who helped create and make this music famous.

Poetry: Sounds and Senses

From Shakespeare to slam poetry, get in touch with the pulse and power of words. Read poetry that’s wacky, serious, and fun, and express yourself by writing your own poems.  One book for this theme will be VHC’s Vermont Reads 2013 Poetry 180: A Turning Back to Poetry, an anthology of contemporary poems selected by Billy Collins, so that campers will be part of this statewide read.


Past Humanities Camp Themes

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