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Rutland Schedule (pdf) • 7:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month

October 2
The World on a Plate

Since ancient times, foods have traveled the globe, shaping culinary cultures everywhere. Williams College professor and editor of Gastronomica Darra Goldstein traces the history of various foods, illustrating how food is an important way to understand history and cultural norms. Sponsor: The Vermont Country Store

October 23
(special date)
The Civil War and American Art
Senior curator at the Smithsonian American Art Museum Eleanor Jones Harvey examines the impact of the Civil War on American art, looking to photography and genre painting as a way of understanding the human cost of war, and landscapes as a barometer of the nation’s psyche.
Tuesday, December 3 (rescheduled from December 4)
In Want of a Wife: Romance and Realism in Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen is considered a realist of social relations—and yet Pride and Prejudice incorporates an element of the fairy tale: it fulfills the wishes of its poor and not conspicuously beautiful heroine. Dartmouth Professor Emeritus James Heffernan examines how Austen does it.
January 8
Vincent Van Gogh: What Influenced Him and His Influence on Twentieth Century Art
Art historian Carol Berry considers the personal experiences, painters, and authors who influenced Van Gogh’s work and his influence on twentieth-century artists.
February 5
So much of the 1942 film Casablanca has passed into popular culture that it's easy to forget its role as a masterpiece of wartime propaganda. Film expert Rick Winston shows the film and discusses Hollywood and the war effort, the film’s origins and its legacy. Location: Paramount Theater
March 5
Real and Imagined Threats to the United States
Former CIA Chief of Counterterrorism Haviland Smith examines current US concerns, including domestic and foreign terrorism, nuclear proliferation, drugs, organized crime, cyberwarfare, drones, and certain nations and regions.

April 2 ***CANCELLED***
Finding Truth in a War Zone
Bosnian-American journalist and founder of the Media in Democracy Institute Kemal Kurspahic considers the media and freedom of the press during wartime.
May 7
The Memoir Boom: Who, What, Why
Dartmouth professor and experimental memoirist Irene Kacandes discusses current approaches to life writing and considers why we continue to love reading about others’ lives.
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