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Newport Schedule (PDF)  • 7:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month

October 1
Stark Decency: German POWs in a New England Village
Historian Allen Koop tells the story of New Hampshire’s only World War II prisoner-of-war camp, describing how prisoners, guards, and ordinary people in the tiny village of Stark turned bitter division into camaraderie.
November 5
The mysteries surrounding the 1937 disappearance of aviation legend Amelia Earhart often overshadow her accomplishments as a pilot and author. Champlain College professor Nancy Nahra explores the life of a woman who lived as if she were invincible but understood she was
anything but. Underwriter: Passumpsic Savings Bank Member FDIC
December 3
The Soldier’s Pen: Letters from the Civil War Battlefront
Dartmouth History professor Robert Bonner considers what we can learn from the numerous firsthand accounts written by Union and Confederate soldiers.
January 7
The Examined Life

Socrates famously proclaimed, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Philosophy scholar Susanne Claxton explores what constitutes the examined life and how we may best pursue it.

February 4
An Evening with E.B. White

From his exquisite essays in The New Yorker to the beloved children’s classic Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White remains the master’s master of elegant prose, sophisticated wit, and graceful irreverence. Drawing from his stories, essays,
poems, and letters, Dartmouth professor Nancy Jay Crumbine celebrates White’s versatility and enormous legacy. Underwriter: Stanstead College

March 4
Trains Come to Orleans County
The arrival of trains in Orleans County in the mid-nineteenth century brought great change to the region. Scott Wheeler, publisher of Vermont’s Northland Journal, discusses how rail—and then, in the early twentieth century, automobiles— affected life in the region, particularly in communities such as Newport.
April 1
The Human Face of War: Combat, Healing, and the Humanities

Dr. Edward Tick, director of the Soldier’s Heart Clinic, explores the inner world of combat, the universal dimensions of veterans’ wounding, and a philosophy of healing combat’s consequences—recognizing that
while war most directly affects veterans, it wounds us all.

May 6
Life in the Studio
David Macaulay, award-winning author and illustrator of Castle, Cathedral, and The Way We Work, discusses current projects and current challenges in his work.
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