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Manchester Community Library

Location: First Congregational Church
3624 Main Street, Manchester • Library phone: 802.362.2607 


Manchester Schedule (PDF) • 7:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month

October 1


A Century after World War I: Are We Sleepwalking Again?


It’s been said that in 1914 Europe sleepwalked into a war no one wanted. Distinguished veteran diplomat George Jaeger considers whether current geopolitics might play out similarly. Underwriter: Keelan Family Foundation
November 5
Painting in Early Renaissance Florence:
Competition and Collaboration

Middlebury College professor Katy Smith Abbott explores how competition led to great artistic achievements in fifteenth-century Florence while a network of collaboration characterized painters’ daily experience. Underwriter: Merchants Bank

December 3
Beethoven’s Deafness: Psychological Crisis and Artistic Triumph
This performance lecture by renowned concert pianist and psychiatrist Richard Kogan explores the power of music to help heal artist and audience alike, and considers the influence of psychological factors on Beethoven’s creative output. Underwriter: Burr & Burton Academy
January 7
Building Monticello
Thomas Jefferson never knew the Monticello we visit today — in perfect condition, impeccably furnished. Jefferson died so deeply in debt that the house and contents had to be auctioned off. Dartmouth College senior lecturer Marlene Heck explains the lifelong project Jefferson called his “essay in architecture.” Underwriter: Equinox Village
February 4
Giants: The Parallel Lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln
Douglass and Lincoln — one born a slave, the other born dirt poor — became respectively one of the nation’s greatest orators and one of its greatest presidents. Harvard professor John Stauffer examines their friendship and their legacies. Underwriter: Keelan Family Foundation
March 4
The Memoir Boom: Who, What, Why
Dartmouth professor and experimental memoirist Irene Kacandes discusses current approaches to life writing and considers why we continue to love reading about others’ lives. Underwriter: Equinox Village
April 1
A Slight Sound at Evening: Why Thoreau’s Writing Endures
Drawing upon Thoreau’s journals and letters, Dartmouth professor Nancy Jay Crumbine examines the spirituality, inherent and explicit, in his walking and writing life. Underwriter: Merchants Bank
May 6
Redeemer President: The Significance of Jimmy Carter
Dartmouth professor of American religious history Randall Balmer examines the rise of the Religious Right and Jimmy Carter, a Southern Baptist Sunday school teacher elected president with the support of  evangelicals, who turned against him four years later. Underwriter: Hand Motors

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