Civil War Book of Days

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Weekly E-mails Marking What Happened Each Week in the Civil War

To honor the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, the Vermont Humanities Council launched the Civil War Book of Days in October 2010. These weekly e-mails mark what happened each week 150 years earlier during the Civil War.

The series begins with the story of Grace Bedell and Abraham Lincoln’s beard. And then a nation deeply divided over slavery gears up for the 1860 election. Lincoln writes about secession and slavery, election day arrives, a Southern merchant ponders secession, West Point cadets brawl, and the nation's leaders attempt to save the Union through Constitutional Amendments. But South Carolina votes to secede with Southern state after Southern state following. And then the war begins.

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VHC invites you to submit information for the Civil War Book of Days.
Submit texts linked to specific dates — a poignant or inspiring letter, an excerpt from a secondary source, or 100-500 words of original descriptive prose.
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Read past editions of the Civil War Book of Days (Be sure to scroll down past the general Vermont Humanities e-newsletter).
Images (click on them to view larger): Stowe Locket, Vermont Historical Society and Bombardment of Fort Sumter, Library of Congress

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