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What Its Like with Sam Drazin

October 23, Lyndon Town School


Screen Time: Growing Readers in a Digital World

October 23, Dudley H. Davis Center, UVM



Wonder What It's Like with Sam Drazin. Sam Drazin of Changing Perspectives will present a program about improving disability awareness and understanding. He has a unique perspective as a student with a disability and a teacher in an inclusive classroom.

October 23 — Lyndonville, Lyndon Town School Library, 2591 Lily Pond Rd, 5:00 pm. Light supper served. Hosted by Cobleigh Public Library. Cindy Karasinski, (802) 626-5475.


October 23 — Screen Time: Growing Readers in a Digital World. Author Lisa Guernsey, director of the Early Education Initiative at the New America Foundation, discusses how electronic media affects young children and how to responsibly incorporate technology into a child’s life. This free public one-hour lecture is presented by VHC in collaboration with the annual conference of the Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children.

Burlington, Dudley H. Davis Center, University of Vermont, 590 Main St, 7:00 pm. Jan Steinbauer, (802) 262-1352.








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