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The Secret Garden — Presented by Opera Theatre of Weston

January 4, Rutland, Paramount Theatre

January 10 and 11,  Weston Playhouse



This is the East Coast Premiere of a new opera (by composer Nolan Gasser with a libretto by Carey Harrison) based on the beloved children’s novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, coming direct from its debut at the San Francisco Opera. Lora Rachel Davidson portrays the lead role of Mary Lennox, with a professional orchestra and cast, including soloists from the Metropolitan Opera, The Houston Opera, and Washington National Opera. Hosted by the Opera Theatre of Weston. Fees for tickets (see links). Associated educational pre-performance programs supported by a VHC grant.

January 4 — Rutland, Paramount Theatre, 30 Center St, 2:00 pm. Anne Dolivo, (802) 768-8144.

January 10-11 Weston Playhouse, 12 Park St, 2:00 pm both days. Anne Dolivo, (802) 768-8144.








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