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Humanities Grants

Grants Make Humanities Happen 


The Vermont Humanities Council (VHC) is an educational non-profit affiliated with the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). The Council’s mission is to deliver humanities programming in order to help make Vermont a state in which every individual reads, participates in public affairs, and continues to learn throughout life. The Council offers a dozen different kinds of programs, more than half of which serve the general public. The others serve targeted various underserved groups. Between the two types of programs, VHC offers something for nearly all ages and for people from all walks of life.

The Council’s Grant Program supports other non-profit organizations that are conducting various projects related to the humanities. Council awards are re-grants of federal funds from the NEH, and as such grantees must comply with all applicable NEH and federal policies. The Council will reject any project that does not involve at least one humanities discipline. Applications are considered twice a year. The maximum award is $5,000, and grantees must provide, at minimum, a one-to-one cost share. We will consider proposals for new, as well as already-established, programs.

The first step for consideration of a VHC grant is to submit a letter of intent. Please review our grant guidelines and instructions before submitting your letter to ensure that your project is eligible. We are happy to discuss your project or answer questions about the application before you submit a letter. We respond to all letters of intent, and applicants are notified of the decision within one week of the deadline. VHC staff may encourage or discourage an application or suggest changes to the proposal.

Full, printed application packets must be received in the Council offices by the close of business on the deadline. Applications received earlier are always welcome. The full application consists of the Grant Application Form (2 pages, includes a budget summary), the Project Narrative (six pages maximum; brevity is encouraged), Detailed Budget, and three letters of support.

Final decision on all applications lies with the VHC Board of Directors. The Board meets early in May and December to act on grant applications. VHC staff will inform applicants of the Board’s decision within five business days following the Board meeting. The Board may approve a proposal unconditionally, approve it with modifications, award partial funding, or deny it with or without explanation. If the VHC Board votes to fund your project, you must return the signed Grant Agreement within two weeks or notify the Council that you wish to decline the funds. If your project is a program for the public, you must provide publicity information to us as soon as it is available. Please ensure that you will be able to comply with VHC’s reporting requirements before completing an application. Final evaluations are due 90 days after your project ends.

For full information, see the current year’s Grant Guidelines and Application Instructions at right. If you still have questions after consulting the guidelines, we welcome inquiries at any time and are happy to provide guidance on your application. Please contact Max Matthews, Community Programs Assistant, via e-mail at mmatthews@vermonthumanities.org or phone at (802) 262-2626 ext. 304.

Photo: A grant to the Northern Forest Center helped bring the mobile exhibit Ways of the Woods to Vermont communities.



Grant Deadlines

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Grant Details

VHC Grant Deadlines
(received at VHC's offices by the dates below)

Grant Limit: $5,000
(with a minimum one-to-one cost share)
Spring Round
  • Letter of intent: February 20, 2015
  • Full Proposal: March 27
  • Decision: By May 13
Fall Round
  • Letter of intent: September 5
  • Full Proposal: October 17
  • Decision: By December 10

(Decision dates may be delayed if VHC's board meeting is postponed for any reason) 


Grant Guidelines and Application


Grantee Materials

Grantee Materials  (link to all reporting forms) 


Submit Your Grant Event/Exhibit


 Grant Recipients


Grant Events

See a listing of all VHC-funded events

Grant Limit: $5,000
(with a minimum one-to-one cost share)

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