Grant Process

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Grant Guidelines

Grant Application Process

  1. Letter of Intent (required)
  2. Grant application encouraged or discouraged
  3. Application due
  4. VHC Board and Staff Review
  5. Applicant notified

A letter of intent is required. Letters should include a brief overview of the proposed project, the amount to be requested, and a minimal budget indicating the areas VHC would be funding. The letter should not exceed two pages. Applicants are notified within one week of the deadline of the decision. VHC staff may encourage or discourage an application or suggest changes to the proposal. See deadlines to right.

A DUNS number is required. The Federal Government requires that Data Universal Number System (DUNS) numbers for all applicants for Federal grants. Because VHC regrants Federal funds, your organization must have a DUNS number to receive a grant through VHC. Contact your administrative or grants office to get your DUNS number. A DUNS number may be obtained online.

Final deadlines. Applications must be received by the deadline date. Applications received earlier are always welcome. Please provide eight (8) copies of the proposal as well as one copy of the organization’s audited financial statement.

VHC encourages brevity in its grant applications. We ask that your application be no longer than ten pages. These pages must include a two-page application form supplied by the Council as well as an itemized budget. Therefore, the narrative portion must be no longer than seven pages (and may certainly be shorter). The Vermont Humanities Council does not require an application fee for its grants program. Applications for amounts up to $5,000 are considered twice a year.

Final decision on all applications lies with the VHC Board of Directors. The Board meets in early May and December to review and act on grant applications. Board meetings are open to the public. For exact date, time, and location of meetings please contact the VHC office. The staff will inform the applicant of the Board’s decision within two business days following the Board meeting. The Board may approve the proposal unconditionally, approve it with modifications, or deny it with or without explanation. 

Does our project qualify? The staff of the Vermont Humanities Council welcomes inquiries about projects that you are considering. We invite you to call the Council before submitting your letter of intent to be sure that your project falls within our mission and guidelines. You may contact the Council at any time with questions or concerns during the grant process.

Contact: Max Matthews, Community Programs Assistant, (802) 262-2626 ext. 304.

Types of Grants Funded

Photo:  Rabbi Tobie Weisman was featured in To Life! A Celebration of Vermont Jewish Women, funded in part by a grant from the Vermont Humanities Council. The images in the exhibit  were take by Karen Pike Photography.



Grant Deadlines

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Grant Details

VHC Grant Deadlines
(received at VHC's offices by the dates below)

Grant Limit: $5,000
(with a minimum one-to-one cost share)
Spring Round
  • Letter of intent: February 20, 2015
  • Full Proposal: March 27
  • Decision: By May 13
Fall Round
  • Letter of intent: September 5
  • Full Proposal: October 17
  • Decision: By December 10

(Decision dates may be delayed if VHC's board meeting is postponed for any reason) 


Grant Guidelines and Application


Grantee Materials

Grantee Materials  (link to all reporting forms) 


Submit Your Grant Event/Exhibit


 Grant Recipients


Grant Events

See a listing of all VHC-funded events

Grant Limit: $5,000
(with a minimum one-to-one cost share)

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