Grant Awards 2007

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Humanities Grants Awards 2007

VHC Awarded $47,316 Statewide to Eighteen Organizations in 2007

The Humanities Grants program, the oldest of the Council’s many programs, provides funds for diverse and dynamic humanities activities throughout the state.

Brattleboro Literary Festival $3,000 to support, for the fourth year, the Brattleboro Literary Festival.
Burlington Book Festival $2,500 for the third annual Burlington Book Festival.
Burlington College Institute for Civic Engagement $3,500 for “Urban Nightmares, City Dreams,” a public lecture, reading, and film series.
Center for Photographic Studies, Montpelier $816 for an after-school intergenerational portrait and oral history project that paired Barre high school students with senior citizens.
Dorothy Alling Memorial Library, Williston $2,451 for “Outsiders: Those Who Fell Outside the Cultural Norm,” a four-session reading and discussion program on the history of how certain populations in America were treated during the late 19th to mid-20th century.
Dorset Library $1,386 for “The Rise of the English Novel,” a reading and discussion program that examines four early novels.
Focus on Film, Montpelier $2,000 to support film screenings, discussions, and presentations as part of the Green Mountain Film Festival 2008.
Friends of Robert Frost, Shaftsbury $1,700 for “Sunday Afternoons with Robert Frost,” a summer lecture series on Frost-related topics.
Greensboro Wonder and Wisdom $3,250 for community poetry workshops for all ages and socio-economic backgrounds.
Henry Sheldon Museum, Middlebury $1,750 for public and student programming associated with a traveling exhibit about Lewis Hine’s photographs depicting child labor.
Opera Theatre of Weston $3,259 for education outreach built around Oscar Wilde’s fairy tale, The Happy Prince, and the opera of the same name.
Park-McCullough House, North Bennington $1,846 to provide humanities personnel and books for “Architect for a Week: A Victorian House Workshop” as part of an ongoing school outreach program.
Quechee Library 1,998 for “Revenge,” a four-session reading and discussion program.
South Burlington Community Library $600 to support the Lifelong Learning Music Series in its fifth year.
Vermont Peace Academy, Plainfield $2,000 for a two-day conference at Norwich University to raise awareness and understanding about the Middle East.
Vermont Courage to Teach, Montpelier $2,500 for a professional development program for teachers and principals that uses poetry and discussion.
Vermont Historical Society, Barre $7,500 to support the ninth annual Vermont History Expo.
Weston Playhouse Theatre Company

$1,680 to support a workshop for middle and high school teachers that focused on the Playhouse’s fall production and incorporating the play into the schools’ curricula.
Weston Playhouse Theatre Company
$3,580 to support a new series of lectures and reading-and-discussion related to performances to stimulate community discussion and enrichment.



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