Linda Radtke

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About Linda Radtke

Linda Radtke was a high school teacher for 31 years and now works for Classic Vermont, WCVT 101.7 hosting Vermont Notes, a radio program focusing on the Vermont classical music scene. A classically trained singer, Linda has served as the principal alto soloist for the Mozart Festival and is a member of Robert DeCormier’s professional vocal ensemble, Counterpoint. She also sings with a vocal quartet, Ah!Capella, sponsored by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, which brings music to Vermont schools. She lives in Middlesex with her husband.



Linda's Speakers Bureau Presentations

Vermont History through Song

Singer and researcher Linda Radtke brings Vermont history to life with engaging commentary about the songs found in the Vermont Historical Society’s collection of sheet music. Dressed in period costume and using the music Vermonters published and sang in their communities, Ms. Radtke takes listeners through our state’s history. The program, suitable for all ages, can be geared toward your town’s history or a specific historical period, such as the Civil War.

The Vermont Civil War Songbook

Dressed in period costume, Vermont singer Linda Radtke shares songs popular in Vermont during the Civil War as well as letters from Vermonters from the era. From sentimental songs about the girl back home to satirical ballads, Ms. Radtke traces the evolution of tone in Vermont popular song, from patriotic to elegiac as the war continued. The Vermont Civil War Songbook features the sheet music collection from the Vermont Historical Society.

Linda’s accompanist for her Speakers Bureau programs is Arthur Zorn, a retired, long-time music teacher at Spaulding High School in Barre and a musician known throughout Vermont.

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