A Guide to Fiction Set in Vermont

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A Guide to Fiction Set in Vermont
by Ann McKinstry Micou

Vermont fiction has always been notable for what Ann McKinstry Micou calls
"a profound sense of place." Comprehensive, trenchant, and appreciative,
A Guide to Fiction Set in Vermont is a first-rate overview of the fiction,
past and present, inspired by the Green Mountain State.
— Howard Frank Mosher, author of A Stranger in the Kingdom
and Waiting for Teddy Williams




About the Guide

  • 484 concise, yet comprehensive, summary descriptions of novels and short stories set in the Green Mountain State from 1835 to today.
  •  An author bibliography and multiple appendixes and indexes make the guide an ideal tool for those seeking to learn about Vermont through the lens of literature.

What People are Saying


[This guide is] nothing short of amazing. . . . It’s a reference book that any devotee of Vermont literature will want to use — and  book with a lot of Vermont soul as well.

— Tom Slayton, former Vermont Life editor


[The guide is] a unique, thoroughly delightful handbook, written with humor and style. This is a truly great Vermont resource, and wonderful reading for all.

— Reeve Lindbergh,author of Moving to the Country
and No More Words: A Journal of My Mother, Anne Morrow Lindbergh


Again and again Ann McKinstry Micou makes what in other hands would be a dry and perfunctory exercise into a shapely, readable composition. A Guide to Fiction Set in Vermont is in fact what so many books are only in their advertising: a unique and essential work.

— Castle Freeman, author of Judgment Hill and My Life and Adventures


Ann Micou has produced a gem of a book. This volume belongs on the bookshelves of teachers, book lovers, and libraries alike.

— Paul Eschholz, Professor Emeritus, Department of English,
University of Vermont and author of The Literature of Vermont: A Sampler


 About Ann McKinstry Micou


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